Benefits of Male Multiple Orgasm

When boys first learn to masturbate, they do it quickly to avoid being caught.  Thus, wiring themselves to orgasm quick once they begin having sex. Both Tantra and Taoism teach men & women how to slow down and enjoy the ride. 🚀

These ancient techniques also show males how they can prolong their erections & experience orgasms without ejaculation. Thus, allowing them to experience multiple orgasms. Since orgasm and ejaculation frequently occur within seconds of one another, it is easy to confuse them. To become multi-orgasmic, you must learn (or possibly relearn) the ability to separate the different sensations of arousal and to revel in orgasm without ejaculation. 

According to the Taoists, each time you have an orgasm (without ejaculating), you build more energy into your body. Therefore, if you eventually do ejaculate, you lose less of your energy.  The building of sexual energy is why ejaculation after multiple orgasms is less draining than the old “Wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am” ejaculation. If you have six orgasms and then ejaculate, you will lose approximately half as much energy. The Taoists recommended that each man ejaculates according to his age, his health, and the circumstances of his life.