Female Ejaculation

The ancient practices of Tantra and Taoism offer a reawakening of healthy sexuality. Both Tantric and Taoist principles view sexual energy the same as life force energy. Both have tools for building and conserving sexual energy. Sexual energy can be utilized as fuel for all areas of life. I combine both principles in my teaching.  

Female ejaculation remains a mystery to many.  Tantra and Taoist practices increase your orgasmic potential.  Practices such as the "Jade Egg Practice" combined with breathing techniques help increase sensations in the female genitals. Following a 21 Day practice many report an increase in self-lubrication and orgasms.

Taoist Master, Mantak Chia, discusses female ejaculation in his book "Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy."
“An ancient Taoist master discovered that a woman when reaching a higher point of orgasm, had different responses that produced different “waters.” 
Three different waters, or types of fluid, were found to exist. The lubrication experienced during arousal is considered the first water, and the fluids emitted during a normal orgasm are the second water. The third water—that of a female ejaculation, never experienced by many women—is released from the G-spot. 

With or without G-spot stimulation, there are women who experience this kind of ejaculation when they have an orgasm. The ejaculation, which can be quite copious, produces fluid that is much like seminal fluid. It is definitely not urine. Many women who have experienced ejaculation report that they were dismayed and embarrassed, feeling certain that they had urinated. They then learned to withhold this reaction. Now that women’s ejaculation is known to occur, there will probably be much relief, relaxation, and increased pleasure among women who have this capacity. “

If you desire increasing your energy and orgasms, you may find Tantra or Taoism a beneficial pursuit. 

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