Male Multiple Orgasms

"Both men & women can have multiple orgasms. Multiple orgasms in men have been well known for several thousand years in the East and have been demonstrated “in the laboratory” during the last twenty years.

  • When men learn to have multiple orgasms, they experience much more intense orgasms than they have ever had. 
  • One man said he couldn’t believe he had settled for “squirt” orgasms for so long.
  • Men can have multiple orgasms before or even without ejaculating. 
  • The orgasmic contractions the man experiences even without ejaculation reduce the pelvic pressure and allow him to feel satisfied–far more satisfied–because instead of having one 5-to-8 second ejaculatory orgasm, he’s having as many orgasms as he wants.
  • The partner of a multi-orgasmic man generally can’t tell that her partner has not ejaculated–because his orgasms are so intense. But she can note her partner’s ability to pleasure and satisfy her for much longer. "

Excerpt of interview with Dr Doug Abrams & Dr. Rachel Abrams