Royal Weddings, Tantric Sex, And The Power of Love

Did you watch the wedding of the year? England’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex married American actress Meghan Markle in a historic ceremony, and the Royal Wedding included a sermon on love.

The lesson given on love was about more than the marriage of Harry and Meghan.  Bishop Michael Curry’s message, called “The Power of Love,” referenced Martin Luther King Jr. King regularly shared how much his work was rooted in the concept of “love.”

Curry, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church said:

"There’s power in love. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t even over-sentimentalize it. There’s power, power in love. If you don’t believe me, think about a time when you first fell in love. The whole world seemed to center around you and your beloved. There’s power, power in love. Not just in its idealized form but any form, any shape of love. There’s a certain sense in which when you are loved, and you know it when someone cares for you, and you know it when you love, and you show it, it actually feels right. There’s something right about it."


My passion is to create more love. That was heard around the world via the message of the Royal Wedding. It felt amazing. The words were so beautiful, and the message is a huge part of why I teach Tantra.

Tantra is a tool that allows you to tap into the power of self-love and then share that love with the world. When we live from our hearts and not our fears, we live a happier life and step into our passions and purpose.

People want to learn to be better lovers. But a HUGE part of that is stepping into your power of self-love. Which is why I created the "Daily Dozen." The "Daily Dozen" is an email delivered multi-media course that guides you on your journey to self-love. You will have lifetime access to this course and can learn more about it here.

Imagine being pursued by a passionate lover, every day, for the rest of your life.
Someone who pursues your mind, body, and soul.
Someone who recognizes and upholds your boundaries.
A person who encourages your confidence, dreams, and pleasure.
A lover who chases after your heart.


Most of us grew up reading fairy tales and waiting for Prince Charming to bring us our happily ever after. These stories served neither boys or girls. Our traditional stories put pressure on the masculine to be the hero and portrayed the feminine as the damsel in distress. We grow up to act tough, suppress our emotions, and deal with it. We spend time, energy, money and more looking for a romantic partner to meet our needs and fulfill our dreams. So many times we wait around to feel loved. We count on…

Friends and family…
Romantic partners…
Material things and appearances…
Money and titles…
(A Hallmark holiday?!)

to provide the nourishment our soul needs. And we always end up feeling empty.

It’s time to be our own hero.

Here’s the secret: you don’t have to be saved by a stranger. Love is already within you.
Love should be experienced daily and not just on holidays. Self-love allows us to experience love every day.
Once we realize this and tap into the ocean of love we already have, we can be filled with love, radiate love and attract more love into our lives.

How does it work? Like attracts like. This is the law of the Universe.

We think about a long lost friend, and suddenly they call. We long for a night of dancing, and the invite appears. We have a bad day, but then a single moment brings us overwhelming joy and release. What we think, feel, and desire can flow from us and into being. So we must be the thing that we want to bring into our lives — love, joy, pleasure, comfort.

So why is it so hard?

Society says we need to become consumers and spend money on possessions to make ourselves attractive to others. People spend money on cars, clothes, jewelry and more. By striving to “buy” affection, we focus on the “outer” and neglect the “inner.” It is our inner world that truly defines us, and once we love and accept ourselves, we are more loving and accepting of others.

By first learning to have a loving/healthy relationship with our inner self, we can share that love with those around us.

When we feel we are lacking things in life we can find ourselves experiencing envy and jealousy and other negative emotions. When we feel empty, and lack self-love, we expect people outside of ourselves to fill this void. This places unrealistic expectations on those relationships and when they “fail” to make us feel loved...we become angry and lash out.

This sabotages our relationships.

Why? Because...

Everything comes through you, not to you.

Self-love is the act of seducing your own soul.

Self-love is your first true love. Like a cup, your love cannot overflow to others if your heart isn’t full first.

You cannot receive what you deny yourself.

Self-Love is the basis for ALL love, and that self-love must be given first. Otherwise, we experience emotions of envy, jealousy and hate....because we project outward our dissatisfaction of ourselves and our inability to feel/experience self-love and of others.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also said "and there’s a reason for it. The reason has to do with the source. We were made by a power of love. And our lives were meant and are meant to be lived in that love. That’s why we are here."

I created the "Daily Dozen" to empower you to love harder and live your life from a place of love and not fear. The world needs more love and most of all, you need and deserve YOUR love.