Have You Ever Had A Soulgasm!?

You had a lot to say about this topic.

Last month on Yes Tantra Instagram I shared more about deep penetration, including deep throating. So many questions, comments, and DMs! Have you ever wondered why these deep penetration sex tricks are so alluring?


We all want a deeper connection during sex.

And we often feel steamy hot when we accomplish those “deep” positions. It feeds our ego to think we’re truly going deep, reaching another person and giving (and having) an unforgettable experience.

But do you know how to go to the depth of your partner's soul? Of your soul? Can you open your soul to another, or are you hiding behind mechanics and gimmicks?

Have you had or given someone a Soulgasm?!

Tantra is all about deep connection, and being brave enough to be vulnerable. When you open yourself up — to yourself and your lover(s)— you can experience pleasure deep into the core of your being. It’s electric, ecstatic, spiritual, and soulful.

THAT’S a Soulgasm!

If you’ve had a Soulgasm, you’ll know it. If you aren’t sure, you haven’t. A Soulgasm is an experience that leaves a lasting impression!

But we don’t know what we don’t know. Society brainwashes us by only providing sex education that focuses on not getting pregnant, not getting caught, dodging STDs, and — like everything else in our culture — it should be hard, fast, and comes at a cost.  

Society brainwashes us by not properly educating us about what we are capable of experiencing. But, most often, even our educators don’t know how to tap into Divine pleasure or extended orgasmic experiences. The result? Sexual knowledge centers around STDs and pregnancy prevention and shame. Don’t be a slut or wait for marriage. We then turn to porn to attempt to figure out what no one else is willing to talk about. What’s the big secret?

We learn about sex as a fantasy, instead of pleasure as a reality.

We are never taught that great sex starts with self-pleasure and using your self-awareness to confidently connect deeply with another.  

We’re never taught our full orgasmic potential.

Sex isn’t a story to tell over brunch, a goal-driven notch on your belt, or an open-water ego feeding frenzy.

Sex is an extension of your own self-love. When you love yourself deeply, you can love your partner deeply...and give and receive Soulgasms!

Sex is a journey...not a destination. Slow down and take the scenic route. You will be surprised to discover what you’ve been missing.

Listen about my first Soulgasmic experience.

Tell me: have you ever had a Soulgasm?

XO - Dominique

Damn. Was that as good for you as it was for me? Let’s make this a regular thing.

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