Tantra is for singles & couples. You don’t need a partner to get started. ALL you need is YOU! Whether you’re struggling in a longterm relationship, exploring a new partnership or longing to know and love yourself better, I can help. From in-person retreats to workshops, virtual coaching and video tutorials, I’m here to guide you on the journey to s*xual fulfillment.



Lost your mojo? Rediscover yourself and each other through virtual coaching. I teach practical tools and techniques for greater intimacy, deeper connections, and how to manifest your dreams as individuals and as partners. No more viewing sex as another item on your to-do list. Instead, I’ll show you how to use sexual energy and healing to change your relationships and your life.  




Tantra is a powerful tool with a partner, but it begins with you. Learn how to love yourself, experience more orgasms, increase your stamina & deepen your creativity & intuition through one-to-one virtual coaching.



Interested in starting a Jade Egg practice, learning Orgasmic Meditation or simply rediscovering the God or Goddess in you? My in-person and online workshops offer practical, hands-on (mm hm!) ways to get started with Tantra. Explore at home or alongside supportive, understanding classmates who support your journey to true connection and s*xual fulfillment.

Not sure?


Schedule a 15 minute Tantra Discovery Call with me.

This is a 15 minute complimentary session exploring what results you are looking to achieve and a plan of action to follow. This is not a format for getting help with problems on the call.