“Dominique D'Vita visited us a few times on my Playboy Radio show to share with our listeners some advice on Tantra Techniques and sexuality. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, easy to approach attitude and warm, sincere presence.

Our listeners were overwhelmed with her advice and recommendations

and I certainly picked up a few tips myself 😉 Can't wait to hear more from this sensual, erotic creature.”

- MISS TAYLOR WANE - AVN Hall of Fame, Legends Hall of Fame, XRCO Hall of Fame, Penthouse Pet, Playboy Radio Host, Multi Award Winning Model, actress and entertainer. www.taylorwane.co

One of the things I learned from my experience with Dominique is living in the now. I was already a pretty spiritual person when I met her, but she gave me an amazing perspective. I try to stay grounded but applying that to sex was something she helped me with.
— Victor Battle. Actor, Casting director, CEO of Hoopshots.tv

The idea behind @yestantra is just what we all need: a bit of sex, lots of truth, and some serious knowledge. I love following this page because for me it's quite empowering. When we are able to talk about sex, work on our self control and then mix all that with the mind...well, you've got a recipe for some serious MAGIC. And you know that's what I'm all about!

Since following this free page full of so much art and passion for sex in such a tasteful way, I found my soul and sex life expanding in various ways. It wasn't even about my sex life in the beginning. My interest was more in fact about reclaiming my sexual identity. I was more or less interested in understanding the energy behind orgasms and the power I could personally harness exploring this side of myself I shunned for several years.

Finding personal power through sexual exploration enabled me to reach new levels of openness. I found myself more curious to learn and more willing to love. @Yestantra really empowered me to do more and be more. I think I'm actually becoming a better lover. I'm learning to own my divine right to be pleased, please others and it truly radiates outward. So many parts of my life have been touched by this page.


It's seriously some sEx magic!



What else they're saying

Thank you so much for hosting me! It was incredible. I’m so excited to start this week and keep practicing everything you taught us. I feel a new wave of life through me, and I needed that so badly.
— Gina Barbara - fashion photographer

Dominique is one of the few people I trust for relationship advice.
— Earl Dotson-Former Offensive Tackle in the NFL. He played for the Green Bay Packers for 10 seasons. Started in Super Bowl XXXI and XXXII.


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