What is tantric sEx?

Tantra is a pathway, not just to s*xual ecstasy but to personal healing, transformation, and Self-actualization.

Tantra is the merging of meditation and great sex — an opportunity to connect with your partner and connect with yourself. When you say Yes to Tantra, sex isn’t just a thing you do. It’s a place you go. Whether you’re solo or with a partner, anyone can harness the power and energy of Tantra to manifest your dreams, expand your possibilities, and live the life you’ve imagined.

We Have all had a moment where we thought "Wow, that's as good as it gets." But what if it got better?


What is Tantra?

Tantra is a way of approaching life.


There are no rules, no special requirements, and there isn’t a perfect way to experience or practice Tantra. Instead of “getting it right,” Tantra focuses on what you really want and need, and teaches you how to better share that with the people in your life....and bed. Rawr.

What else?

  • Deepen connection with friends, family, and the people who matter most

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Increase confidence and creativity

  • Empowerment

  • Share deep love and intimacy

  • Improve sexual health and libido

  • Heighten sexual ecstasy

  • Reduce stress

  • Increased relaxation

  • Experience Orgasms

  • Build stamina, vitality and energy


Did you know?

The most successful people are those with higher sexual energy.
— Napoleon Hill

Hi, I’m Dominique.

I help you reclaim the beauty and power of sEx.


My story begins with over 20 years as a Registered Nurse specializing in cardiac and surgical care. From open heart surgeries to births and deaths, I’ve come to intimately understand human’s biggest fears and deepest regrets. So many of us long for true connection but are unsure how to pursue desire and experience pleasure. Helping and healing people’s hearts is my passion, and Tantra allows me to heal people’s hearts before they reach the end of their lives. As a healer, I save lives. As a sex and relationship coach, I save sex lives! By blending science and spirituality, we can better understand our bodies, respect ourselves, and deepen our connection with our partners.

Today, as a Certified Tantra Coach, I guide others to learn the anatomy of great sex and know the transformative power of soulful, connected love-making. My passion is to help you harness your sexual energy and use it as fuel for creativity and life.


  • Playboy Radio guest on sexuality, sexual health, and relationships

  • Vivid Radio guest on sexual partnerships, healing, and boundaries

  • Humanitarian volunteer work in Mexico, Haiti, and Vietnam


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